Donor ranks.

    By Admin,
    Earlier today we tried to re-run all of the buycraft commands to restore everyone's rank correctly. There was an issue since when we set the buycraft up a year ago, so we had to bulk upload names to buycraft to restore the ranks. Unfortunately there's a request limit on the buycraft command execution of 500 requests, since all the names were uploaded within 1 hours, we can't retrive this information. Since we can't locate donation information on the buycraft, we've decided since this is a new server will new administration, we will be starting over. If you want a refund for your previous rank, maybe you should have read the T&Cs before you donated. We refuse to give refunds for ranks, and a chargeback will result in a ban, as always. We hope the ranks we have put forward are an improvement. If you have any ideas for more ideas on donation ranks, issue a suggestion here:
    Any issues or queries, please message an administrator on the forums.
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    You can now register on the forums.

    By Coyote,
    This is just a temporary announcement so people will be aware that registering a forum account will now work.
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    How to tag

    By Admin,
    Tagging is now fully functional on our forums.
    Begin by typing the @ symbol, if the user has a forum account it will show their name, like so.

    You must click the box with the name, or you won't actually tag the user. A successful tag will look like the below:
    You will be alerted if someone other than yourself tags your name, like so.

    Note: If you tag staff members randomly, or spam tags don't expect to find yourself to have the ability to post for very long.
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