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Map 7

01 Apr 2014

Posted by jackshow in Announcements

Most of you, if not all know that the current map (map 6) went by extremely quickly and I'm sure that many of you including myself did not want to end it this early. Although, with all the duplication bugs that have occurred in the past few weeks, the server was left with a broken economy. With this, many people in-game want a reset and I too agree that the map should be reset.


With this reset, we're applying many changes. Mainly going around the economy, balancing it out if you will.


Some of the changes that we're introducing are;

60% of natural mob spawners will be removed, donator kits will be nerfed, 1v1 arenas will be returning, building at the world border will be removed, better vote rewards, tokens, mystery crates, smaller buffer limits (Has not been decided (Either 15, 20 or 25 chunks)), Possibly disabling lava flow, introducing sethome boosts, Disabling End building, Disabling above nether building, Disabling invisible/resistance potions, chat cleanup, introducing Super items, removing sharpness on axes, buffing fishing, buffing axes, Costs to set faction warps, mob arena, mcMMO skill limits increased to 2000, God apples will be reverted back to normal (not 24 gold blocks anymore) and a few more small changes.


Upon the reset, the vote rewards will be updated on the forums and the buycraft will be updated with the new donator kits. 



Buffers have been an issue with a few of the factions, and I originally introduced the 40 chunk buffer limit. With further thought put behind that, myself and other staff members feel that a 40 chunk buffer limit is far too much. We've decided on either; 15 chunks, 20 chunks or 25 chunks for the limit. What one is chosen, will be up to you guys.


If you suspect a faction has a buffer that is over the limit, contact a staff member that's online with /list


1v1 Arenas:

We've had this plugin before, and has to remove it from bugs. The arena will be returning after all of the exploits in it have been fixed.


Super items:

This has been suggested by many people and I don't see too much of an issue with introducing them.

However, I will not be introducing Super swords, Bows or Axes.

The Super Pickaxes will have the following enchantments; Unbreaking 5, Efficiency 7

The Super Shovels will have the following enchantments; Unbreaking 5, Efficiency 7


Voting rewards:

To keep people voting as you all now know that there will be a reset, If you vote 50 times before the reset happens, you will receive 100k on the first day.


The normal vote will be changed to:

  • $1000 in-game money
  • 1 Severe token


Since tokens would be an entirely new aspect to the server, we'll only be selling the Super Pickaxe and Super Shovel for the first few days. As time goes on, more items will be added.

How to receive tokens:

  • Voting
  • Purchasing tokens from the store


The map will reset on April 11th, 2014.


Reset details:

What will reset:

  • The map
  • Your inventory
  • Your enderchest
  • Your money
  • Your private vaults


What will not reset:

  • Your rank
  • mcMMO stats
  • Factions and their members
  • Special kits
  • Bans
  • Your current vote total


Please note that introducing the mob arena and the 1v1 arena will take awhile to complete, and may not be ready for the reset date.


Other info:

  • Until the reset date, mcMMO exp for everyone will be tripled.
  • Save your last 5 votes for the reset date to ensure that you get the 100k reward.
  • Miscellaneous rank changes will be applied to the purchasable in-game ranks.
  • New staff will be promoted.

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Lms Ffa Maze

07 Mar 2014

Posted by jackshow in Announcements

Hello there everybody. Next weekend on Saturday March 16th 2014 at 5 PM EST we will be holding an event.

In November 2013 we held an event exactly like this (LMS FFA Maze) which everyone who participated in it seemed to enjoy a lot.

The event was a Last Man Standing Free For All in a maze. Which, I will be doing again.




The way the event will work:

  • Everyone who signs up will be teleported on top of the maze
  • In order from 1st signup to last, people will be teleported into the maze
  • Kits will be given out
  • All users will be able to free roam
  • Last man standing wins



  • No teaming
  • No taking items out of the event
  • If you are found with an item that is from the event, you will be permanently banned with no appeal.
  • No teleporting your friends in
  • No taking other items in


  • Full Protection 4 Unbreaking 3 Diamond Armour
  • Sharpness 5 Diamond Sword
  • 32 Steak
  • 3x Strength II 1 minute 30 seconds
  • 3x Speed II 1 minute 30 seconds
  • 3x Regeneration I 2 minutes
  • 25 Splash II Health Potions


* To sign up, just comment your Minecraft username below. *


Important information:

  • Registrations will be closed on Thursday March 13th
  • If you are not logged in when the event is starting, you will not be able to participate
  • No fill-ins
  • Last 3 alive members are rewarded


  1. $50 Buycraft Voucher
  2. $25 Buycraft Voucher
  3. $20 Buycraft Voucher




  1. Llamabait1234
  2. Soupstring
  3. TylerJS

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New forums

05 Mar 2014

Posted by jackshow in Announcements

Hello there everyone! I'm sure that you've all noticed the new theme on the website. However, that's not all that switched. We've switch over to a more superior forum board known as IPB.
IPB has many more features and is more user-friendly in my opinion.
Some of you may be wondering "What about our forum accounts and posts? I don't want to re-register!" Don't worry. All of the forum data has been converted into IPB and you won't lose any data.

If you have any suggestions, please don't be afraid to leave them in the comments. Also, report any bugs and glitches that you find. Thanks.


Tapatalk has been installed. Tapatalk is a mobile app that allows you to use forums much easier. If you'd like to check it out, just search tapatalk on your mobile device.

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