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Severepvp 3V3 Tournament

13 Jan 2015

Posted by MostEnvious in Announcements

Many of you have requested for us to host some sort of PvP event. So thats what we are finally doing. instead of a free for all like we usually do I thought it would be fun to do a 3 versus 3 tournament. This should result in an overall more fair and stress free event than previous "team for all" situations.


Here is what you need to do:


- Find your group of three and have someone post all 3 of your ign's in this forum post. DO NOT post multiple times, duplicate names in this forum post will disqualify  the entire team. I'm sorry but this is the only way to keep this as easy to set up as possible for me.


- Be on the server at 5 PM EST Saturday 1/17/2015 with nothing in your inventory


- Be patient with the admins and try not to ask to many questions, we will be trying our hardest to get everything set up and we just cant answer everyone.


- There will be a warp 3v3 setup on the day of the event. use that. dont ask for a teleport there. you can also use this warp if you just want to spectate.


- If a team member cant make it, either find a substitute before your first match, or risk disqualification.


- Armor will be provided for you at the start of the match so keep your inventory empty, if you are found smuggling this armor outside of the 3v3 arena you will be permanently banned.


- Have fun.


Here is what the rewards will be:


Each member of the winning teams will get the following:


1st Place:
- 1x Mythical Kit
- 3x God Apple
- $25 Voucher
- $25,000 in-game cash
2nd Place:
- 1x Legend Kit
- 1x God Apple
- $10 Voucher
- 10k in-game cash
3rd Place:
- 1x Platinum Kit
- $5 Voucher
- 5k in-game cash
The event will start  at 5 PM EST Saturday 1/17/2015 please read the entire post to make sure you don't accidentally get disqualified.

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02 Dec 2014

Posted by jackshow in Announcements

Hello there everybody! Jackshow here or, Matt if you will. It’s been a long time since we’ve been together on Severe PvP. I myself would not be able to run the server again by myself because of all the work it would be. But, Carter and I were talking one day and he mentioned bringing the server back up. I had no issues with it but I couldn’t do it alone. I discussed it with Jamie and the 3 of us decided that we would start the server back up again. We released a poll throughout the old players that we had added on Skype and had some pretty good results. So, that’s why we’re starting it back up again.[/size]
Full atm.[/size]
As for the forums, it was discussed about whether or not we should clear all of the previous posts from the past, and it was decided that we won't be clearing past forum history.[/size]
As always, I’m always open to changes and opinions from the community. These are just things that we’ve discussed so far between the 3 of us and this is what we think is good. Obviously myself, Carter and Jamie haven’t been keeping up with Minecraft very much recently so we’re not up to date with what you guys would like to see.[/size]
Donator ranks:
One of the big issues with relaunching the server is going to be donation ranks. Now, you may all be thinking: “How is this an issue? Just give us all the old ranks we had” Now, that is possible to do. But, as we’re relaunching the server we’re going to need money to pay bills for the server, advertising costs, etc. Sorry to say, but. Ranks will not be returning. However, compensation will be given. Currently all the old donators will be given a veteran tag but we can also do many other things to compensate. For now, that’s all we have planned for compensation. If you have any ideas please comment below.[/size]
As for the bans on the server, we've decided to unban everybody and hope that troubling players are no longer issues for us. Hopefully...
Jackshow - Matt[/size]
MostEnvious - Carter[/size]
Evadable - Jamie[/size]
The expected release date that we’re going to be relaunching the server on December 19th 2014.
Please note: Everything in this post is not set in stone yet and can change. This post  is just what we have discussed so far and anything written in this post can be changed before December 17th as that’ll be the last day that we work on changes before preparing for the final stages of releasing the server to fix on bugs.

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Okey Dokey

08 Jan 2015

Posted by samekiller007 in Announcements

I think SeverePvP has been up long enough to do our first Tournament. Now i'd like your guys's ideas on what we might do and after a few days i will make a poll of the most popular ideas. Please don't flame peoples ideas cause i would like to see em all. When we finally pick the most popular event we will build an arena and start working on prizes, but i will need Matt and Evads help with that part.



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